3 Surprisingly Healthy Foods For Your Teeth

healthy foods for teeth

We’ve all heard it: be sure to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day, preferably after every meal. This isn’t just a rumor spread around by dentists to get you to do what they want; they say it because it works and keeps your teeth healthy.

But you may not know that there are other ways to keep your teeth healthy. Here are 3 surprisingly healthy foods for your teeth that will shock you, and make you smile in delight.

Dark Chocolate

Did you ever think that eating chocolate could be good for you? Well, flash those pearly whites because when it comes to your teeth, dark chocolate is actually healthy. It contains antioxidants that can help your teeth. Chief among them is Tannins, which is what gives dark chocolate its slightly bitter taste, but also helps to prevent cavities by not allowing bacteria to stick to your teeth.

Of course, you shouldn’t just run and buy lots of chocolate now. When you do eat it, you need dark chocolate with 75% cacao content and under 8 grams of sugar. But the next time you see that chocolate in the candy aisle, remember: you are doing it for your teeth.

Green and Black Tea

Once again, you might be a little surprised that these yummy beverages can actually be good for your teeth. In fact, you should consider tea after meals because of the polyphenols it contains.

Eating not only satisfies your hunger, but also introduces your mouth to all sorts of new bacteria. That’s where tea comes in. Drinking it helps to stop the process of the new bacteria from excreting acid, which is what causes cavities. So drink up after a big meal, and know that you are helping your teeth.


Many people are surprised to know that cheese is actually good for your teeth. What makes this food surprising isn’t that it offers calcium, well-known to strengthen bones, but rather that it helps to balance the acidity in your mouth.

Cheese works by raising the pH level in your mouth, which results in fewer acids that cause cavities. Additionally, since eating cheese causes you to salivate, it dilutes the remaining acids in your mouth, making them much less potent and thereby protecting your teeth. Not only that, but some compounds in cheese can actually stick to your teeth, protecting them from future acids.

Now that you know some surprising foods that actually help your teeth, go ahead and make yourself a delicious snack of dark chocolate, paired with a nice cheese, and wash it down with some tea – okay, maybe not all at once. But the next time someone offers you tea, dark chocolate, or cheese, don’t be shy and eat and drink not only what tastes good, but is also good for you and your teeth.

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