Answering Some of the Most Common Questions About SureSmile Braces

Having the teeth straightened is now easier than ever. In the past, the most common option patients can undergo is the traditional orthodontic approach, which makes use of bonded brackets and wires. Although newer methods came like the use of transparent aligner trays, some people still prefer the conventional option. The good news is, with the advancements in dentistry, patients can expect that improved means to straighten teeth are continuously being made.

a straighter teeth

At Fair Lakes Family Dentistry, aside from Conventional Braces and Invisalign, we also offer SureSmile braces for both our adult and teen patients. Is the said option new to your ears? Let us help you know more about the said service by answering some of the most frequently asked questions about it. Read on!

What are SureSmile Braces?

It is a type of cutting-edge imaging and computer-aided prescription program which help dentists have unparalleled precision and accuracy when planning for the treatment, as well as the placement of braces.

What makes it different?

Although it is quite similar to the traditional approach, know that it is in the next level since the archwires used are robotically-molded, and it also utilizes computer-generated imagery. With these combined features, everyone can expect it to be one of the most precise treatments available nowadays.

How does it work?

  • To start the treatment, dentists may need to have a 3D model of a patient’s bite and teeth created. This step is necessary for them to have a clear picture of how their teeth are fitted and aligned.
  • The SureSmile Treatment Planning software will then be used for the dentist to create an effective treatment plan for each particular patient interactively.
  • Heating and bending the memory alloy in the archwire with an accuracy of 0.1mm is not something that can be achieved by a dentist—but with the help of the SureSmile robot, it would not be too hard.

What is the average treatment time with SureSmile?

Compared to the usual length of two years, people who opt for the SureSmile approach can expect a reduction of up to 40%. However, there are still some factors that can affect the supposed treatment duration.

Is it really less painful?

The pain experienced by patients wearing conventional braces usually happens after the adjustment of the archwires. On the other hand, since there are lesser adjustment appointments with SureSmile, patients can expect reduced discomfort throughout the treatment.

Did these answered questions make you think of getting SureSmile braces in Cypress, TX? If yes then, we at Fair Lakes Family Dentistry got you covered! Call or visit us to get started with the procedure.