Brace Yourself for a SureSmile Experience in Cypress, TX

Orthodontic treatments are popular among people who wish to have their teeth irregularities corrected to attain straighter teeth. As advances in dental technology continue to emerge, traditional procedures are being improved to cater to the patients’ needs more effectively.

To those who prefer the conventional way of straightening the teeth without the usual hassles, you are in luck! Fair Lakes Family Dentistry offers a revolutionary system in the form of SureSmile that uses the typical wires and brackets but partnered with state of the art technology.

Patients as much as possible should prefer a treatment that works faster without sacrificing the quality of the result. SureSmile promises to deliver better accuracy and efficiency in providing the most wanted perfectly beautiful smile.

Beautiful Smile

How does SureSmile work?

The standard procedure for orthodontic treatment is still observed but improved. Gone were the days when dentists use a messy and gag-inducing putty for impressions as well as conventional x-rays. Now, 3-D images are taken by a handheld device to create a virtual model which allows the dentist to see a precise position of the patient’s teeth.

Planning is made easier for orthodontists since potential options can be checked to create the best possible treatment designed for each patient. One benefit of SureSmile is that it allows patients to have a clearer view of what to expect even before the treatment starts. What makes it special are the SureSmile robots used that accurately bends a shape-memory alloy based on the prescription provided by the dentist.

The procedure corrects teeth irregularities faster compared to traditional metal braces because of the carefully planned path for the teeth’s movement. After the best direction is determined, the force applied is then customized for a more precise amount of pressure needed.

Expect accuracy, minor discomfort, fewer dental visits, faster and favorable results with SureSmile technology!


Bring out your best smile with SureSmile in Cypress, TX, book your appointments with Fair Lakes Family Dentistry! Call us to experience an outstanding treatment in making your teeth straighter, beautiful and healthy!