3 Common Worst-Case Dental Scenarios

Dental problems can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, some major and some minor. While we all hope that our own dental troubles will be of the minor variety, many patients will, at some point, have to deal with an unforeseen worst-case scenario. Here are three of the more common worst-case scenarios and a […]

Tips to Teach Your Kids to Brush

kids standing on bridge

The earlier proper brushing habits start, the better the chances are that the routine will last a lifetime! It is important to encourage children to learn good brushing habits at a young age. You may start practicing proper oral hygiene with your infant as soon as you are comfortable doing so. Generally, children should start […]

Fun Toothpaste Flavors

Fun Toothpaste Flavors

The global market for toothpaste is probably not something you’ve given a lot of thought. The largest market currently is in Europe, which is expected to reach $14 billion by 2020. The biggest global market drivers include the rising awareness over the importance of oral hygiene, the rising popularity of whitening toothpaste, and the demand […]

Foods That Naturally Whiten Teeth

foods that whiten teeth

You can probably list off a handful of food and drinks that will stain your teeth, like coffee, red wine, and soda. But did you know there are foods that naturally whiten teeth? Sure, these foods aren’t going to work as quickly as a teeth whitening treatment, but they sure can help! Strawberries Maybe you […]

Which Toothpaste is Right for You?

choosing the best toothpaste

Have you sauntered down the toothpaste aisle recently and wondered about the sheer variety of toothpaste options available? Should you pick one that strengthens enamel, one that whitens, or one that fights tartar? If you are overwhelmed by the options, allow us to break down the different types of toothpaste to help you decide. Toothpaste […]

Braces: Which Foods to Eat & Which Foods to Avoid?

braces foods fairlakes

Anyone who’s ever had braces knows there are foods to avoid and foods you can eat. Even with braces people need to make sure they eat an adequate amount of nutritious foods, including plenty of fruits and vegetables. However, some foods get stuck in braces and are very difficult to remove. For this reason, we’ve […]

Dental Apps for Kids

get your kids to brush with dental apps

Is your child not interested in brushing? Do you want your child to learn more about the importance of dental health while having fun? Here are some dental apps that kids are sure to enjoy. Brush Teeth with Momo Targeted for kids ages 5 and under, Brush Teeth with Momo is a free app that […]

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Did you know that when you see your dog roll on the ground, lick their coat, or chew on their fur that they are actually attempting to keep themselves clean? Although our pups are pretty good about taking care of themselves, sometimes they need a little help from us to make sure they look their […]