Changing the Oral Health Care Game with the Intraoral Camera – Cypress, TX

A camera is a type of device that people use nowadays. Many utilize it for communication and education purposes; while others use it for the preservation of history. But did you know that there are cameras that can actually help keep a person’s oral health in shape? How is this possible? Let us at Fair Lakes Family Dentistry satisfy your curiosity. Keep on reading to know more about this state of the art equipment.

Dental appointment with the dentist

Intraoral Camera

It is a pen-like device that utilizes bright light and a tiny, yet, high definition camera. When seen by patients, they are untroubled since its appearance does not strike as something to worry about. Dental professionals can easily use the device to get a clearer picture of a patient’s mouth without causing them discomfort, pain, or any side-effect.

With an intraoral camera, checking the state of the teeth, soft tissues, and dental prostheses is much easier as compared to the past. It can provide high definition images of the oral structures in an instant. As a result, any problem that needs immediate assistance can be spotted and treated without delay. Curious about the other benefits intraoral cameras can offer? Continue reading below.

Improves the dentist’s credibility

Anyone would be practical when it comes to spending. Since dental procedures can be expensive, patients need to be fully convinced first of the necessity of the dental procedure recommended to them. Intraoral cameras come in handy since dentists can discuss the problem and the solution in real time for better understanding and ease.

Better accuracy

The high definition camera, the 90-degree rotating head, magnifying feature, and LED lighting makes it easier for the dentist to decide on the best approach to take. As a result, detecting or treating an oral health concern becomes more accurate and effective.

Early detection

It is best if people would take proactive measures rather than reactive to keep the damage minimal. An intraoral camera can help since even the earliest signs of cavities will be spotted and treated. As a result, patients can enjoy more without the trouble of cavities and other oral complications.

Not only does it make the dentist’s job easier due to the effective and accurate diagnosis of oral concerns, but an intraoral camera increases the possibility of patients to enjoy a properly maintained overall oral health as well!


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