Check with Your Dentist before You Whiten in Cypress, TX!

Scanning through an oral care aisle can make one think of buying a particular product that piques their interest, the same goes in online shopping. There is now a wide array of teeth whitening options that are sure to entice people by promising impressive results. However, can consumers really trust these products?

Teeth whitening is widely sought nowadays. Browsing through social media could also show people who are using whitening hacks that are sure to whiten the teeth. The catch? It could be in their fridges at the moment. Due to the various options available nowadays, people may pick the most affordable since they happen to “promise” the same results as the other brands.

At Fair Lakes Family Dentistry, we do not encourage our patients to consider any teeth whitening options that can be purchased over the counter (OTC) or the use of natural ingredients. Although it may seem easy to use and affordable, there are possible effects that can diminish the supposed benefits of such products.

White Teeth

Dangers of OTC and DIY Teeth Whitening

  • After any teeth whitening treatment, the teeth are bound to become more sensitive. Without professional assistance, however, its effect can linger and cause discomfort once hot or cold substances are consumed.
  • The problem with store-bought products is, they follow the concept of “one size fits all.” As a result, the trays or strips can be too small to give the teeth a full coverage or too big to allow the exposure of the soft tissues to whitening agents. Afterward, patients are less likely to attain their teeth whitening goal while feeling uncomfortable due to burns.
  • It is possible for patients to have an allergic reaction to a certain ingredient of the teeth whitening product. Without them knowing, they are more likely to experience burns and swelling that can cause pain for days.

To avoid any of the dangers listed above, it is best to invest in professional teeth whitening treatments. Since it is performed under the expertise of a professional, patients are assured to get the best possible results! Dentists perform measures beforehand like checking the medical history of the patients and protecting the soft tissues before starting a teeth whitening session. Besides, unlike OTC and DIY whitening, the whitening systems used by dentists can provide multiple shades whiter teeth in just one sitting.


Let us at Fair Lakes Family Dentistry help you get your dream smile with the help of Professional Teeth Whitening in Cypress, TX! We assure you that your smile goals will be achieved as comfortably and safely as possible.