Cringe Worthy World Records Involving Teeth

World Records Teeth

Teeth are an amazing part of our body. They are being put through constant strain day in and day out and most people take them for granted. While I would never condone using your teeth for things other than their intended use, some of these feats are so extraordinary I had to devote a post to it. Please note: NONE of these should ever be tried at home!

Fastest time to husk a coconut with teeth

World Records Husking Coconuts

I can only imagine how terrible Sidaraju Raju’s gums must have felt after husking a coconut measuring 78 cm in circumference, but I’m sure that juice inside tasted delicious and refreshing. This was achieved in Bangalore, India on March 30th, 2003.

Longest distance keeping a table lifted with teeth

Word Records Lifting Table

I really hope this was accomplished at a fine dining restaurant. Using his teeth, Georges Christen lifted a 26 lb. table with a 110 lb. person sitting on it and ran for 38 feet. What I find funny is that he had to travel a distance, simply lifting the table and person wasn’t enough. This feat was accomplished on Febuary 9th, 2008 in Madrid, Spain.

Fastest time to extract 5 nails from wood using teeth

This one is especially cringe worthy for me. I can barely hold a metal fork with my teeth without shuddering. Steve Schmidt took a mere 7.44 seconds to remove 5 nails from wood. My guess is his teeth won’t last much longer. Steve achieved this in Columbia, Missouri on November 8th, 2014.

Most bottle caps removed with teeth in a minute

Murali K.C did exactly what every dentist strongly advises against and utterly ran with it. In a single minute he removed 68 bottle caps and still kept his teeth to show for it. I bet he is very popular at parties, if only to assist with the beverages. Murali accomplished this on September 17th in Bangalore, India in 2011.

Most garters removed with teeth in one minute

This one is cringe worthy for completely different reasons, although I bet Ivo Grosche didn’t mind practicing for the occasion. Using his teeth he removed 26 garter belts in a single minute. He achieved this feat in Germany on December 18th, 2008.

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