Facts About Teeth Whitening That Dentists Want You to Know in Cypress, TX

How can a good smile affect people’s lives? Well, it is that one small beam that could bring them to success—whether in their career, social life, and romantic relationships. And with all the advantages that people can relish if they own a beautiful set of pearly whites, they may get easily enticed to whiten their smiles. Teeth whitening treatments are a popular dental service today, but before plunging, know these points first:

White Teeth

Food Restrictions Are Present

After whitening the teeth, it is recommended for a person to limit their consumption of teeth staining foods. It may sound bad news for those who love to drink coffee, tea, or colorful juices; however, limiting or totally cutting these beverages in their diets is essential to keep their smiles bright and white.

Toothpaste Can’t Whiten The Teeth

Using a teeth whitening toothpaste is the most practical option for people who want to change the shade of their dull smiles—wrong! Despite being widely available in the market, the said oral care product is not something that people should rely on when it comes to teeth whitening. Its properties are not just harsh for the pearly whites, but it contains a substance that can cause teeth sensitivity too.

Dental Checkups Are Important

Not all people can undergo professional teeth whitening right away; that is why commitments to routine dental checkups and cleanings are a must. Here in our clinic at Fair Lakes Family Dentistry, our dentist suggests treating the patients’ oral problems first (if any) before letting them receive professional teeth whitening treatment. Cavities or periodontal disease, for instance, need to be addressed beforehand for complications to not get in the way during the bleaching procedure.

Whitening agents do not work on fake teeth

Prostheses such as crowns, veneers, or dentures are artificial teeth—which means that they do not have pores like the real pearly whites. They can’t absorb the bleaching ingredients, but it is possible for them to get stained. Patients are encouraged to replace their old restorative device after whitening their natural teeth to avoid mismatched coloring on their smiles.

Professional teeth whitening is not an easy investment, that is why it is better to gather useful information about the said cosmetic dentistry treatment first before giving it a go.


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