Foods That Naturally Whiten Teeth

foods that whiten teeth

You can probably list off a handful of food and drinks that will stain your teeth, like coffee, red wine, and soda. But did you know there are foods that naturally whiten teeth? Sure, these foods aren’t going to work as quickly as a teeth whitening treatment, but they sure can help!


Maybe you didn’t expect to see this fruit on the list because of how easily they stain your clothes. But they contain an enzyme, malic acid, that whitens teeth. Just eating this delicious fruit doesn’t whiten your teeth however. Try mashing them up, rubbing them on your teeth, and leaving it for five minutes. Then just rinse it off with water.

Apple, celery, and carrots

These crunchy foods help whiten your teeth because they increase your saliva production. They also kill bacteria that cause bad breath, so your smile will be better in more ways than one!

Oranges and pineapple

Because they are so tart, these fruits also increase saliva production which washes teeth clean on its own. You could also add lemon juice to your water. Avoid lemons directly on the teeth however, because the acidity can be counterproductive to your dental health.

These are a handful of foods, that if you are following a balanced diet, you are hopefully already eating. But now you can feel especially good about eating them, knowing they contribute to the brightness of your smile.

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