Halloween Candy and Tooth Decay: 4 Tips to Enjoy One Without the Other

Halloween candy and tooth decay is always a hot topic this time a year. We want our children and families to enjoy the festivities, but we also want to avoid cavities and tooth decay caused by the sugar overload. Thankfully, Fair Lakes Family Dentistry has some good news for every age. It is possible to enjoy Halloween candy without assuming the expected tooth decay. Just follow these tips and be sure to schedule your regular family block appointment!

Tips For A Healthy Halloween

1. Since sugar attacks our teeth over time, attacking healthy minerals as it rests there, allow your children to have the candy with a meal instead of on its own. Follow up a candy with a slice of apple or a bit of cheese to help wash away some of those harmful sugars.

2. There’s no need to rush the consumption, but encourage your family to eat the pieces of candy which dissolve quickly rather than ones you suck on for a long time. A piece of milk chocolate, for example. Rather than waiting until bedtime, encourage an afternoon or early evening brushing not long after.

3. Allow the candy as a special occasion, to celebrate an accomplishment, or to reward for good behavior. The candy will become less of an everyday food group, and something to be attained and enjoyed. Make a big deal not of the candy, but of the child who deserves a treat.

4. Promote everyday good dental health. It doesn’t need to be Halloween to encourage brushing, flossing, and regular trips to the dentist. preventative care is essential year round. Rarely will one season be the reason for poor dental health. Once we create a healthy, positive family attitude about our teeth, we discover our children to be less indulgent on holidays such as Halloween.

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