How Dental Implants Improved Through the Years – Cypress, TX

Today, dental implants are dubbed as the modern restorative option for missing teeth. They are a perfect solution for restoring the smile, confidence, and the ability of the patient to chew normally. If you happen to suffer from tooth loss and would want to regain your smile, you may talk to us at Fair Lakes Family Dentistry. We have wide arrays of restoration alternative to offer. Let our dentist assess your condition to see if you are best suited for crowns, bridges, dentures, or dental implants.

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As for those who want a more stable solution, an implant is recommended. The treatment allows a solid foundation for the surrounding teeth and promotes formation for the natural bone. Throughout the years, dental implants had been improved continually. Here’s a brief look at its history:

Carved bamboo pegs were used by the early Chinese as a medium for missing teeth replacement many years ago. Later on, it was found out that the king of Egypt has a bizarre restoration located on his upper jaw. This strange thing was discovered to be a hammered copper peg! The same incident was also recorded by the experts who recognized an iron false tooth in a Celtic grave in France. Metals were primarily utilized as a tooth replacement indeed. But as years passed, the creativity of the Ancient people began to expand. Shells, animals and real human teeth were then used! Unfortunately, these materials don’t produce a more steady solution to missing teeth for the reason that they cannot be bonded securely with the surrounding jawbone.

The technology-based dentistry brings about the advent of top-quality techniques and materials to fabricate dental implants. Titanium, a strong, light metal is now harnessed to create an implant as it is said to encourage osseointegration. It is formed into a screw-like shape which will be then inserted into the jaw on the site of the lost tooth. After months of allowing the titanium screw to fuse into the jawbone, that’s the time where a post and crown will be attached.

The treatment reaches a higher percentage of success rate and is currently one of the most sought-after procedures that aid missing teeth.


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