Is Flossing a Frustration?

Cypress TX DentistIs it safe to assume that flossing is your least favorite dental habit that you need to maintain? If so, why is that? At times, flossing can provide a large amount of frustration for some of our patients. Tiny patients with fine motor skills struggle with the wrapping of the floss around their precious digits. Some adult patients struggle with fingers that are too large to fit into the back of their mouths.

If you or your children are frustrated with flossing, don’t give up. It’s very important to your dental health. Flossing helps prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Completing your flossing routine once per day will prevent costly dental bills down the road too!

There are tools available to help you complete your flossing routine without the frustration. There are water flossers that can help by shooting out streams of water that will wash away bacteria and buildup from between your teeth. The water flossers are a great alternative for patients with tight teeth, braces, or additional dental work.

If you need to increase your reach into your mouth, try a floss handle. It is made from floss and bent into a U-shape so you can get into the hard-to-reach areas in the back of your mouth.

Dr. Nail at Fair Lakes Family Dentistry would like to remind you to not allow flossing frustrations to hold you back from performing this important daily task. Book your routine exam and cleaning today!

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