Night Noises During The Holidays

Cypress TX General DentistIsn’t this season wonderful? It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! The foods, feasts and time filled with family and friends make it unforgettable. The sense of wonder in all of us is reignited each year, as we consider all that this season represents. Isn’t it so fun seeing the look on little one’s faces when they see Santa? He’s the man that can make all of their holiday wishes come true, right? Some children have that sense of wonder and awe when they see Santa, while others are terrified to think that Santa may be lurking in the house at night while they sleep. It can be a bit frightening when you think about it.

Noises in the night can be a bit scary and even keep you up at night. Did you know there’s a dental condition that may be causing you to make noises at night and even keeping your bed partner awake at night? It’s called Bruxism. Bruxism is another word for teeth grinding. It can actually cause you quite a bit of problems related to your dental health.

If you’re not aware that you’re grinding your teeth at night, you can discover your nighttime habit by:

  1. Inquiring with a loved one who sleeps with you.
  2. Booking an appointment with Fair Lakes Family Dentistry so we can check for common signs of bruxism. (damaged teeth and worn enamel)
  3. Checking for loose teeth.
  4. Being mindful of tooth sensitivity or pain when chewing.
  5. Monitoring morning headaches.

Call and book your appointment with us at Fair Lakes Family Dentistry today. We can fit you with a custom-made night guard to protect your teeth and mouth from your harmful nighttime habit.

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