School’s Out For The Summer! What Are Your Plans?

Cypress TX Pediatric DentistCongratulations! Your family survived another year of school together! No more homework for the next few months. Waking up early to catch the bus will be replaced with lazy summer mornings of sleeping in. What are your plans for this summer? Will your kids attend a summer camp? Have you signed them up for a a church camp yet? How about your vacation, will it be to the beach, a lake or a tropical international getaway?

At Fair Lakes Family Dentistry, we’d like to be a part of your summer plans as well. The summertime is a perfect time to book your Family Block Appointments. There are many benefits to scheduling your Family Block Appointments over the summer.

  • Your kiddos don’t need to miss any important school days to get to their dental appointment.
  • You can make it a fun outing for a summer activity. As a family you can all get your dental checkups and cleanings completed at the same time, and then take time afterward for a fun reward for a positive dental experience together.
  • If you have any family members that experience a level of dental anxiety, it is calming to know that they have their family there to offer a level of comfort and encouragement.
  • You can tag-team appointments. While one family member is getting an exam, others can sit in the waiting room and help keep an eye on those in the waiting room.

Call and book your Family Block Appointment with us at Fair Lakes Family Dentistry for your summer plans!

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