Tips for Remembering to Floss

You get through your entire day, you go through your nightly routine of getting ready for the next day and getting ready for bed, you brush your teeth for the required two minutes and then get into bed…then it hits you. “Did I forget to floss again?!” Skipping on flossing every once in a while won’t cause runaway tooth decay, but don’t take this to mean that you can forget to floss several times a week, or even several times a month. The plaque that floss removes will lead to tooth decay and gum disease faster than you might realize. This is why flossing is just as important as brushing, and why you shouldn’t skip it! Here are our tips to remember to floss.

Carry Your Floss With You Everywhere!

Just like having access to water encourages you to stay more hydrated, keeping floss close to you will help you remember to floss. Keep a spool of floss in your car, in your handbag, on your desk at work, in your bathroom, in your bedroom, and anywhere else you spend a lot of time (in your gym locker, maybe?). The more access you have to floss, the more likely you won’t “forget,” and if you’re still not flossing with all these spools of floss around, then the likelihood is that you’re not “forgetting,” but just choosing not to!

Start A System At Bedtime

Do you ever forget to brush before you go to bed, or forget to take out your contacts at night? Do you forget to feed your pets, or forget to check the mail, or forget to take your vitamins? We understand that it is true, we actually do forget to do these very important things sometimes. Our lives are busier than ever, and sometimes in the rush of rushing around we forget to do things we never thought we’d forget. With a system and a plan, it becomes harder to forget. Your life doesn’t have to be strictly regimented, but try to do things in a certain order. Maybe start with flossing before you brush your teeth, then wash your face. If you can’t remember the order, a good old-fashioned sticky note on your bathroom mirror with a list of things to do might help!

Set An Alarm On Your Phone

Technology isn’t for everyone, but some people are actually quite successful using phone alarms to remind them to do things. If you’re one of these people, set an alarm to remind you to floss. While flossing before going to bed is the best time to floss, it is OK to floss other times of the day. The important thing is to remember to floss ANYTIME!

Talk to your dentist about the consequences of not flossing or not maintaining good oral hygiene. Most tooth decay is preventable through good oral hygiene, and maybe talking to a professional about the benefits of flossing for your teeth and gums will help solidify the importance of this oft-neglected habit.

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