Tips to Teach Your Kids to Brush

kids standing on bridge

The earlier proper brushing habits start, the better the chances are that the routine will last a lifetime! It is important to encourage children to learn good brushing habits at a young age. You may start practicing proper oral hygiene with your infant as soon as you are comfortable doing so. Generally, children should start brushing on their own around 2 years of age.

All parents can understand that it is not always easy to get your children into the habit of brushing. However, there are plenty of fun and exciting ways you can teach your kids to brush without any fuss!

Here are three tips that will make brushing fun and easy for both you and your child:

  1. Make sure you brush with them. Monkey see, monkey do! Children have an innate curiosity. It is never too early to have them watch you brush while you demonstrate proper technique. Give them a new soft-bristled brush, such as one made by Radius, to hold. This will get them familiar with the brush they will eventually use.
  2. Sing a song and dance! Nothing is more fun than making up songs and dancing around with your little one! Create a song about brushing your teeth, add a little dance to it, and make it a party!
  3. Let them get involved. Have your child pick out their own special toothbrush as well as put on the toothpaste. The more involved your child feels in the activity, the more eager they will be to brush away!

For other suggestions on getting your kids to brush as well as recommended products to use, contact us for a consultation!