Top 7 Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas

Remember being a kid and getting so excited when you were about to have a tooth fall out, because you knew that you were going to be visited by the tooth fairy? There is just something magical when you’re that age about trading in a tooth for money or gifts. These tooth fairy visits are something really special your child, and in return, is something special to you. To help you keep the excitement alive, and to keep things fun and creative, let’s go over some cool ideas on how the “tooth fairy” can pay your son or daughter a special visit.

Make a fairy dust trail

Along with the money or little toy that you leave under your child’s pillow at night, you could also leave a “tooth fairy trail” by sprinkling glitter on the nightstand. You can even use your pinky finger to add little “footprints”. The look on your kids faces will be priceless!

Tooth fairy certificate

Create little certificates, something cute and simple that highlights the date when the tooth was lost and the date that the child received the gift from the tooth fairy. You can even make them sign the certificates in their own cute handwriting. You can find a lot of free, printable certificates online. This will be something nice to scrapbook for later!

Fun money

The tooth fairy has magical powers, so why would she just leave a regular old dollar bill? Try folding the dollar bill into a fun shape, like a butterfly or star. Your child will be excited to see what shape he or she will receive next!

Magic wand

The tooth fairy must have a magic wand right? Purchase a small wand from your nearest store, or create your own, and stage it like it was accidentally left on the bed or nightstand. Let your child know that they must take care of the wand so that they can be sure to return it the next time they loose a tooth. It will be interesting to see how well they take care of the wand until they can return it to its owner.

Tooth fairy pillow or pocket

Have some craft time with your little one where you make a small pocket or pillow where they can store their teeth while they are under their pillow at night. Not only will this be fun to make, it will also be fun to use!

Jars of glitter

Fill a jar with water and ask your child to leave her tooth in the glass. Once your child falls asleep take out the tooth and instead add some food coloring and glitter. Your child will be fascinated when they wake up!

Leave a note

Leaving little notes from the tooth fairy is a fun idea that can keep the belief alive! You can even put the little note, in a little tiny envelope to keep the magical appeal. If you are trying to teach your child the value of giving to others and/or saving then you can give three notes: one to be spent, one to be saved, and one to be donated to charity.

These fun ideas will certainly help honor the tooth fairy tradition and add some fairy magic to celebrating losing a tooth. Don’t forget to encourage your child to take good care of their teeth! In fact, in addition to anything you decide to do you can also leave a new tooth brush and tooth paste. Keep track of when your child loses his or her teeth. You can either use a tooth chart, or just keep a copy of the certificates or letters that he or she gets from the tooth fairy.