Tooth Colored Fillings

With today’s advancements in modern dentistry, patients don’t have to endure an unsightly metal filling when getting a cavity repaired. Our Cypress dentists use composite resin which is the leading solution for dental fillings. Composite resin is a durable, tooth colored material that delivers optimal results in aesthetics and functionality. Tooth colored fillings can be safely used in children or adults and are ideal for restoring teeth that are visible when you smile.

At Fair Lakes Family Dentistry, we are committed to staying at the forefront of dental care services. When it comes to providing dental care to our patients, we pursue solutions that provide long-lasting results without compromising their smile confidence. When getting a tooth colored filling at our office, you can expect a comfortable and rewarding experience from beginning to end. Not only is our office equipped with relaxing amenities and a friendly staff, but our dentists also use DentalVibe comfort injection technology to provide painless procedures.

White Natural Colored Dental Fillings

The most common way to treat cavities in the past was with metal or amalgam fillings. However, there are many drawbacks to this type of filling material, including safety concerns about mercury and their unattractive silver appearance. Fair Lakes Family Dentistry is pleased to offer composite fillings as a preferred alternative. Composite resin is a natural colored material that seamlessly blends with your smile. It is composed of a plastic and glass mixture that can be used restoratively and cosmetically. We can use composite resin to effectively repair an area of tooth decay, as well as to address a minor chip or gap in your smile.

To learn more about composite fillings from Fair Lakes Family Dentistry, please contact our office today. We take pride in our ability to protect, restore and enhance your smile through all stages of life.