Comfortable Dental Office in Cypress

At Fair Lakes Family Dentistry, we want our customers to feel at home while they’re with us instead of like they’re in a cold, clinical office. We’ve designed our Cypress, TX dentist office around you, your comfort, and your needs.


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Our Cypress dental practice is stocked with amenities to keep you and your family feeling relaxed and welcome while you’re in our care.

Complimentary Beverages

Enjoy a warm cup of coffee or a cool drink of water on us!

TVs in Treatment Rooms

Catch up on your favorite shows while we get to work.


Stay up-to-date with office-wide WiFi and an Internet station.


Stay cozy during procedures with comfortable blankets.

Warm Scented Towels

Freshen up after your appointment with a warm towel.

Discover the difference in our dental office. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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No-Fear Dentistry

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The Fair Lakes team wants you to feel comfortable with your dental treatments from start to finish. We understand that dental anxiety is real and that many of our patients suffer from it to some extent. To help calm fears, we will always work at a pace that is comfortable for you. We also offer relaxing sedation options via laughing gas and virtually pain-free injections to keep you calm and relaxed throughout your appointment.

Laughing Gas

Laughing Gas is a sweet-smelling gas that is inhaled through a mask placed over the nose and mouth. It creates a sense of heightened relaxation while patients remain awake during their treatment. Laughing gas is safe to use on patients of all ages, so it is a great way to calm nerves in anxious patients. Its effects are reversed completely with just a few minutes of breathing normal air.

Learn more about our sedation options by calling our friendly team today.

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